Husky Air Compressor Pump

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Words pump and compressor can be sometimes used as synonyms but there is a difference. Pump is a device that moves fluids (gas or liquid) by mechanical work.Compressor is a machine that compresses (squeezes) gases and moves them from one place to another. Air compressor pump is air compressor’s main component that uses energy to move air from gas tank.

There are three main groups of pumps, divided by method they use for fluid moving: gravity, displacement and direct lift pumps.
Pumps can be also divided by activation mechanism that can be rotary or reciprocating.

Pump specification are usually : source of power, length, width, height, pump material,type of lubrication, flow rate, horsepower, outlet pressure in feet of head, inlet suction in suction feet. Most common pump materials are cast iron and stainless steel. Pump application is deciding factor for the using material.
For example stainless steel is being used in high temperature conditions since it gives much better results.

If your pump died on Husky air compressor you can still replace it with Campbell Hausfeld replacement pumps but in some cases you will be better with a new compressor.

Some of their most popular models are :

Campbell Hausfeld VT2030 Twin Cylinder VT Pump with Flywheel

Part Number : VT2030
Power Source : air-powered
Item Dimensions:

Length : 12 inches
Width : 9.50 inches
Height : 13.50 inches
1 year warranty

This product features easy to change filter to ensure always clear intake. It is constructed with cast iron, two cylinder, oil lubricated system. This air compressor pump can handle a 3 HP motor. Configuration included in this pump is one of the most quiet currently on market. Oil refilling is even more easier with dip stick with side port. It has ball berings that allow up to 3000 hours of stable and durable performance. Pump comes with flywheel and can make 5.6 SFM to 10.3 SCFM. For power it uses standard
household electricity (120V) or 240V applications.

Campbell Hausfeld VT472200AJ Air Compressor Service Pump

Part Number VT472200AJ
Power Source : air-powered
Campbell Haufeld Air Compressor Pump PT# VT472200AJ
Replaces VT470000AV , VT470000AJ , VT471400KB , VT471400AJ
Twin Cylinder Pump – without Flywheel as Pictured.
3/4″ Shaft
Easy to change filter for clean intake
Solid cast iron cylinders
Ball bearings allow up to 3,000 hours of reliable and durable performance
Up to 3 HP Electric & 6.5HP Gas Powered Units.
Can be used on Many VT Air Compressors.
Warranty: 90 day

EMAX 5-HP Single-Stage Cast Iron Piston Series Pump (18 CFM Displacement @ 0 PSI)

Model Number: APP3Y0518S
Dimensions: 19″ x 15″ x 16″
Product Weight: 75 lbs (34.02 kilograms)
Warranty: 2 Years

Solid Cast Iron Single-Stage Piston Series Pump
Oil lubricated design to extend pump life
Rated at up to 50,000 hours* (Based on B-10 Bearing Life Rating)

Ram-Tek – Solid Steel, Heavy Gauge Rods
Designed for maximum performance & durability

Cool-Tek – The Coolest Running Compressors In The Industry
Air Stream Technology provides 35% lower operating temperature
Reduces moisture build up & extends pump life

Flow-Tek – Concentric Disc Valves
Deliver maximum air flow & reliability with low replacement costs
Easily accessible design provides easy maintenance & durability

Industrial Grade Ball Bearings
For maximum performance & extended pump life

Built-In Head Unloaders
Designed for continuous run application