Choose The Ideal Husky Air Compressor

We provide you with valuable information to decide
which air compressor will suit your needs the best.

Husky tools is one of leading companies in the market of high quality tools. Company established its name over fifty years of satisfying the customers all over the US. Among their numerous products, they have a line of extremely durable, high-quality air compressors. These compressors can find its place in ordinary home uses all the way to industrial uses. Recently, Husky Tools have been acquired by Campbell Hausfeld who now sell the same products under a different name. Even in this case, many people recognize the brand that was Husky and still cling to the old name. I mean, Campbell Hausfeld sounds good but Husky Tools is way cooler.

Husky made a name for themselves by offering lifetime warranties on all of their tools. They are particularly good in making compressors. Husky Air Compressors are a perfect balance of quality and price for a home or industrial air compressor. Before you venture out to buy one, you should always double check is the compressor you are buying exactly what you need. There are a lot of models and if you skimp on research, you will end up with a compressor that is sub-optimal. Therefore it is always best to research until you are 101% sure that what you are buying is really what you need.

How to choose ideal model of Husky Air Compressor that will suit your needs?

First, you need to check the specifications. First thing you are interested in is the SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) number that represents the quantity of air compressor produces in sixty seconds. Then, there is PSI (pounds per square inch) that is 40 or 90. It is best to look at the 90 PSI value and their respective SCFM when choosing the model that would suit your needs the best. For some purposes you will need higher SCFM/PSI values, for example painting and hammering. For other things like inflating soccer balls, dusting off your computer or similar, you would be better off with some cheaper compressor. Compressor with 6SCFM would fulfill most of your needs, unless you plan on some heavy duty painting or such. You need to compare these values with air compressor tools you plan to use.
Also, you would be advised to check out the availability of Husky Air compressor parts for the specific model. If you still experience difficulties in choosing, you can always contact the air compressor experts.
Other specifications are not vital, but worth checking out.

Husky Cordless Air Compressor with Radio

This is the newest husky model of compressor which is pretty basic in its usage. Biggest advantage is that it is cordless and easily movable (and it has a radio!). Main usage of this compressor is inflating tires, beach balls, rafters, floats and dusting off dirt. Also it can run a basic pneumatic nailer and a very basic paint sprayer. You can plug in 12V tools into this cordless compressor.
It comes with a 25-foot recoil hose, tire chuck, inflation needle, inflation needle adapter and two inflation nozzles. Its max PSI is 135.

1.5 Gallon tank
On-board AM/FM Radio
Comes with hose, four different tips to inflate your tires, beach ball, or mattress

Husky 1.5 gallon Air Scout Compressor

This unit is lightweight, portable and it even has its own storage space. Being one of smaller, less weighted husky air compressors, it will provide you with a reliant, resilient and easy to use compressor for all your home needs. Husky 1.5 gallon Air Scout Compressor requires very little or even no maintenance at all. Ideal for fastening, inflation and cleaning, it is a perfect addition to every home. It comes with a 13 piece accessory kit.

1 Running HP, 135 MAX PSI , Oil Free
2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI , 3.0 SCFM at 40 PSI
Portable Lightweight Design with onboard storage

Husky 4 HP, 80 Gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor

More serious compressor from Husky family, this model is perfect for home businesses such as sanding, painting or using an impact wrench. Cast iron oil lubricated pump provides unmatched durability and the 80gallon tank offers great stored power. Compared with other heavy-duty compressors this one is much quieter. Specs speak for itself.

Up to 10,000 hours of extended life
80 Gallon vertical, space saving tank design
Powerful, 4.0 Running horsepower motor provides significant air flow to power multiple tools
Automotive style changeable air filter
1225 Pump RPM
High quality oversized gauges
Metal cage protective belt guard
A traditional design that is quieter and longer lasting
Over 35 percent quieter and 60 degrees cooler than aluminum pumps with cast iron sleeves

These are only few of the compressors that are in Husky Air Compressor line, if you have not found yourself in any of these compressors, do not fret. There are many more with different specs and some of those are bound to get your attention. Internet is all about research, the more you do it, the better deals you get. In order to get ideal Husky Air Compressor, tailored specifically for you, research is absolutely required. You should check as many places as you can find. Even though we recommend Husky Air Compressors, there are many more brands that offer similar quality, so they are also worth checking out.