Air Compressor Tools

An overview of air compressor tools.

Air compressor tools or pneumatic tools find their most common use by people that want to do things themselves. They are also widespread in manufacture and industry. Difference between power tools and air tools is in power and torque. Air tools have generally higher output than standard power tools. Also one thing to take note is their durability, they will usually last much longer than their power counterparts. Another thing is their easiness of use, you just plug&play.

As we have stated previously in our Husky air compressor page, you should take note of air usage of these tools. It should match the output the compressor can put out, and it is also not a bad idea to have 20% more air power on compressor than the tool actually requires. There is a lot of variety to these tools, basically there is a tool for every job. There are air dye grinders,dusters, fuel and oil pumps, nibblers, riveters, abrasive blasters, caulking guns, engravers, inflators, punches, hammers, nail guns, scalers, screwdrivers, spray guns, air brushes, sanders, polishers, drills, grease guns and more. There are also accessories for almost every air tool.

Pick air compressor tool that will satisfy your need. Most commonly used air compressor tools are :

Air duster
The main usage of this tool is to dust-off particles that are sharp, abrasive and edged from your delicate equipment. Using a brush, cloth or a swab could damage sensitive parts of your equipment. Fluff is also a hazard, since it can become charged with static electricity and ruin your electronic, optical or sensitive mechanical devices. Also, if a dust accumulates in some parts, it can cause damage which will result in a high repair cost.

Airbrush and Spray gun
An airbrush is a spraying tool which is small and uses air to function. It is commonly used in spraying dye and ink on artwork, murals and graphics on helms, motorbikes and cars. This form of painting was highly popular in earlier years and it is slowly returning to fashion now.
Spray gun is an airbrush variation, most commonly used for finish jobs and it finds its natural use in factories due to its incredible speed of paint application.

Nail gun
(commonly referred to as Nailer)
This air tool finds its use everywhere where nails need to be driven into wood, hard materials like rolled steel, drywall etc. You can find it on every construction site. It is very easy to use, you press the trigger it builds air pressure which makes nails fly out. While it requires air compressor to work, it offers a lot of benefits which include easiness of use, high durability and a lot of power. Whenever you want to nail anything, be sure to bring your nailer !

Abrasive blaster
Blaster air tool blows sand-like particles across hard surfaces at high velocity which can clean, smooth or shape the surface its being used on. You can also use the blaster for etching or carving on glass-like material which will offer an even finish. It is a high value tool because it can be used as a water blaster while retaining its primary use.

Air hammer
Air hammer tool works by using high-pressured air to operate a hammer into smoothing, shaping or scoring. Its size varies from large, desktop hammers to small, handheld ones. These tools will save a lot of energy and physical effort by shaping pieces of metal in just a fraction of time it would be needed to do the work manually.