Air Compressor Regulator

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Air compressor regulator is a part that is used for changing the pressure that comes from the air compressor. Regulator can be installed in different places, depending on where do you want the pressure to be regulated. You can use it to regulate all pressure that comes from the receiver or just a part of it.

Whenever you want to use your air compressor for jobs that require less air pressure than the compressor normally puts out, you can use the regulator to adjust level of pressure to fit the job at hand. You can also combine two of them in case you need really precise amount of air pressure. Mind you though, regulators can only lower the air pressure. Maximum air pressure output of the air compressor stays the same regardless of pressure regulator you use.

How it works?

When you plug in your air compressor and switch it on, you should allow the air compressor to be completely filled. Time for filling is dependent on the product model and size and it can be from 100 to 200 psi. Then you attach the tool to the hose and attach the hose to the air compressor itself. By turning the regulator adjustment knob you can regulate amount of air pressure being put out. Turning the knob to the left will decrease the air pressure and turning it to the right will increase it.

Air pressure regulators come in several types. There are ones designed for industry usage which operate above normal atmospheric pressure. Then, there are high pressure ones which are rated for pressures over one thousand PSI. Also, the low pressure regulators which are used for pressures less than 20 PSI. Dual-stage regulators deliver a constant pressure by making fluid flow through several successive chambers even when the pressure from the inlet decreases.

Mounting the air pressure regulator can be done in many different ways, depending on the model of the regulator and the mounting point. They can be inserted, slipped into place or screwed in, which is the case with cartridge mounted ones.

Air compressor regulator goes in category of air compressor accessories. as a part that is built-in but there are a lot of variations to them to warrant selling separately.Different kinds of regulators are made from various materials. Ones made from acetal polymers feature great resistance to chemicals and fatigue and are also very well lubricated off the bat. If you need a regulator that has solid conductivity and is also resistant to oxidation, then the aluminum one is perfect for your needs.
Stainless steel regulators feature resistance to corrosion and chemicals while also being suitable for high pressures.