Husky Air Compressor Accessories

We provide you with valuable list of husky air compressor accessories to help you decide which air compressor accessories will suit your husky the most.

Like almost every product on the market, air compressors can benefit from a wide range of accessories. These are sold separately and can make your work better, faster or even more enjoyable. Accessories come in great variety, some added to your compressor, some replacing standard parts(for example, hose) to give you better working conditions.

We will be providing you with a list of air compressor accessories which should help you in selecting individual part that will suit your needs. You can even see an accessory that you never thought it exist, but would be helpful to you!

Starting off with:

Compressor oil
Sounds simple, and it is, but it can help prolong the life of your compressor by reducing valve carbon buildup. Rule of thumb is to buy oil that is specifically made for your compressor. Husky compressors will do great with Cambell Hausfeld oil for example. We have a section that is specifically explaining air compressor oil and how it should be selected.

Air pressure gauge
While most compressors come with built-in pressure gauge, there are times you need a portable, mounted or even a gauge you can place at specific sides of your compressor, like its back, side etc. You should take care to pick a gauge that will fit on your compressor best, so some research might be required.

Air compressor hose
The deal with hoses is simple, you either need more flexibility, more durability or greater length. Manufacturers have catered to all your possible needs and there is wide selection of hoses that will do the job you want it to do.
And while we are at hoses, there is also a wide array of Air hose Fittings which mostly come in three ways: Industrial fittings, Automotive style fittings and combination couplers. Again, you will need to do research on which hose and fitting will work the best for your tasks.

Air line piping
This sort of accessories are pipes and connectors for the pipes to help you approach the task from whichever side is easiest for you. There are connectors that will help you position your pipes exactly where you want them, be it on wall, be it sprawled across the ground. You need an elbow pipe? No problem, there is a connector just for that! These nifty little accessories will help you position your compressor wherever is most convenient for you.

Airline Filters
Filters are what keeps your airline as clean as it can be. While some compressors come with filters of their own, there are a lot of products that can improve the performance and prolong the lifespan of your compressor. What is important to know is that unfiltered compressed air can cause damage to the entire compressor as a whole by accumulating dust particles. Those particles, when accumulated, can form an abrasive mixture which can jeopardize the compressor itself. All in all, filters are cheaper than buying a new compressor. There is a range of filters, from cheap ones that will do their job to expensive ones that provide maximum protection.

Lubricators are similar in looks to filters but they serve a different purpose. Their main purpose is to ensure that the entire air line is properly lubricated. They have a bowl that you fill with oil, which is then distributed in mist-like form through the entire airline. In some, you can pour oil into bowl while airline is under pressure and in some you have to depressurize before you fill them with oil. And again, you need to see which lubricator is best suited for your airline, if you have a simple airline, cheap ones will do the trick perfectly. But if you have a complex airline you will need a complex lubricator which you can adjust for different air flows.

Portable tanks
There is not much that can be said about these other than if you need one, there is one for sale.

Refrigerated Air Dryers
This line of accessories is built because of need of drying the air that comes to the tank. Since tanks are made of steel, any water in your air can cause corrosion and ultimately make it unusable. Also, dryers will eliminate water particles from your air line. These accessories are generally not for home use due to their high price. Don’t get me wrong, they are fantastic products and they will save you some frustration which can happen when your finished product is ruined due to wet air, but with their high price tag (over 2000$) they are mostly used in industrial work.

If you ever heard “will you stop that infernal racket” while working with your compressor, these accessories are right up your alley. They come in two variations, silencers and mufflers. Silencers are more expensive but they provide you with minimal pressure drop and can reduce the noise up to 30db. Mufflers are cheaper variants which will reduce the noise but will also reduce pressure. Silencers give the best of both worlds but come with a relatively high price tag (~100$) while mufflers you can get as low as 5$.

There are also full fledged accessory kits which incorporate some of the most used accessories in one package. Below is one specific Husky kit with parts list.

Husky 12-Piece Brass Air-Compressor Accessory Kit

In this specific kit, most pieces are made of brass, which is highly resistant to wear and corrosion. It includes plugs, couplers, inflation needles, a blow gun and air chuck. Kit is specifically made to ensure long life and ease of use by eliminating confusion about coupler sizes. Fittings themselves connect easily and, being made of brass, they resist wear and corrosion.

We did not want to include air compressor pump in the list of accessories but they could theoretically be thought as one.