Husky Air Compressor Parts

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Due to usage and wear, you are sometimes required to replace some of the original parts on your Husky air compressor. Air compressor parts come in variety of types.

Filters are cylindrical devices used for removing fluids, dirt, vapor and similar damaging substances from air supply.
Valves are used for regulating air flow in your compressor.
Impellers are used for forcing the air flow in direction you want.
Motors use different means of power supply which ranges from gasoline or diesel fuel, direct current or alternating current.
Air compressor pressure regulators regulate the pressure of air by raising or reducing it.
Lubricators flow through compressed air lines in order to atomize oil into aerosol which is being injected in the air stream. Also they lubricate valves, pneumatic tools, motors and cylinders.

For isolation of highly pressured sections in air system Block and bleed valves find their usage.
Also, readily available are some other air compressor parts like pistons, pressure gauges and breathers.
Husky Air compressor parts differentiate themselves by specifications for their product type. Get more info about them here.

Filters for air compressor use filter elements such as polyester or paper and they also could contain pre-filtering. Filter parameters are height, surface area, inner and outer diameters, percentage efficiency and maximum flow.
Impellers distinguish themselves by material they are made of, such as plastic, rubber, brass, bronze, stainless steel or cast iron. Also, they have different bore size or number of vanes or blades.
Motors have specs for gearbox such as as efficiency and ratio, their continuous output torque/power, shaft speed, shape, voltage, phase or frequency.
Pressure regulators use parameters like adjustment range or regulating range.

For block and bleed and normal valves there are specs such as connection type, valve size, pressure score and valve flow coefficient.
Configuration, size and shape differentiate air compressor lubricators.
Pressure gauges come with either analog or digital display.

You can find Husky air compressor parts from OEM, which stands for original equipment manufacturers. Also you can find them at aftermarket suppliers. There is wide range of parts which some companies have in stock such as bearings, blow-off columns, air/oil separators, oil filters, grommets, O-rings, nozzles, bushings, buffer discs, circuit breakers, after cooler kits, discs, ring seals, gaskets, blades, check valves kits, cooler kits, disc valves, strainers, cylinder heads, fans, cushion plates, couplings, washers, thermostats, drive belts etc.